Moving Company Questions

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Moving to a new house means you have to make urgent and important decisions. From picking the moving date, to getting the right resources, the whole undertaking can become overwhelming. As if that is not enough, you also have to decide the right moving company for your needs.

Please note that, there are thousands of moving companies in the country and you have to pick the best company among all these. In this article, we will share with you some of the screening questions that you can use to ensure that you get a good deal for your moving needs. Read on to understand what it takes to get the best moving company!

  1. Are you licensed? – This is probably the first question that you should ask. Remember that, there are so many rogue and unqualified movers who are out there to scam you. It is therefore crucial that you go for companies that are licensed and insured. Please note that accidents and damages are likely to occur during moving. Licensed and insured companies will guarantee you compensation in case of accidents.
  2. What is your experience with my particular type of move? – This is another question that you should ask. For example, if you are relocating to or from a high-rise apartment with multiple stories and steps, it is important that you look for a company experienced in this type of a move. This is because, movers must be able to handle any barrier on their way e.g. parking restrictions, lack of elevators, steep stairs or small doorways.
  3. Do you have satisfied customers? – Just like in any other undertaking, you wouldn’t want to hire a company with no evidence of happy and satisfied clients. Remember that, you are entrusting your belongings to a bunch of strangers, whom you have just met. It is therefore critical that you ask them for references so that you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe. Of course it is your duty to ensure that you have done enough background search on your company. You can also consult your trusted friends and family for recommendations.
  4. Do you subcontract your moves? – Please note that, there are some moving companies who specialize in taking big contracts and the outsourcing them to other contractors. It is your responsibility to find out how the company operates. Are you happy with your goods being handled by a sub-contractor?

Here are some other questions that you can ask:

  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • What form of payment can I use?
  • Do you pack delicate items such as TVs, computers and electronics?
  • Are there any restrictions on what and how I can pack?
  • Do you provide packaging materials?

There are so many questions that you can ask when looking for an ideal moving company and these are just some of them. Always know what you are looking for in a moving company by understanding your nature of move, the nature of your belongings as well as knowing how you would want your goods to be handled.

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Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Fridge

No-one likes cleaning their kitchen, least of all cleaning their fridge freezer. So, if you can find ways to make the entire process easier, then this is a good thing in our books.

To help you to easily and quickly clean your fridge, we have put together some of the most simple and easy to do tips, all perfect for you to try out yourself in your own kitchen.

Clean Sticky And Messy Things Before You Put Them Back In The Fridge

How many times have split some jam onto the jar and then simply put the back into the fridge? These sticky spills are likely to drip down on the drawer or shelf and make it messy! Rather than having to clean it off the fridge, if you give anything sticky or messy a wipe down before you put it back in, then you lessen the amount that you will need to clean.

Put Dates On Things

Sorting out the food that is in your fridge us the first stage of any clean. Not everything in your fridge is going to have an obvious use by date. A good way to make the process easier is to pop dates on those things that are going to expire, that way you can make sure that you can bin them when they are past their best.

Keep The Smells To A Minimum

Fridges can get a bit whiffy after a while. Thankfully there are some 100% natural ways that you can keep them smelling fresh. Baking soda is one easy way, all you need to do is spread some on a plate in the middle of the fridge, and this will soak up the smells. You can also coffee grounds too, as this will help those nasty smells too.

Always Clean With The Power Off

If you are giving your fridge a proper clean out then you are likely to be taking some time about it, having the door open for any extended period of time, then you will be using more energy than usual. This means it is a good idea to put any existing food in a cool box, and turn of the fridge whilst you clean. That way you won’t be worrying about how much power you are using.

Don’t Forget the Drawers

When you are cleaning your fridge it is easy to just target those areas that you can see, but you should try to clean all the nooks and corners. Removing the drawers is a good idea, and then give them a good scrub. You can also then clean the bottom of the fridge, where there is a good chance that you will find some food that has gathered in the corner.

Is it time that your fridge had a good clean out? If it is then perhaps it is time to try out tips for yourself and see what you can achieve? You might be surprised by the results that you can get! Want more top tips, the go and see these chaps at appliance repair phoenix.

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